Plastic recycling technology

Circulus leverages the most advanced recycling technology to successfully address contamination and the challenges associated with recycling plastic. Circulus’ facilities are designed to reduce the company’s carbon footprint with infrastructure built to meet the domestic demand for high-quality post-consumer resin (PCR). Our facilities demonstrate our understanding of the sustainability challenges that brand owners, retailers, resin producers, converters, and packaging manufacturers face when it comes to the flexible plastics used for plastic bags, shrink film, pouches, overwraps, and more.


Plastic resins we manufacture

We sustainably produce PCR with consistent quality to help you contribute to the circular economy by incorporating Circulus’ resins into your products.


Closed loop recycling

About Us

Circulus is solving challenges by converting post-consumer resin derived from recycled LDPE into high quality recycled resins. We are keeping plastics out of landfills, incinerators, and the world’s oceans by upcycling them to their highest and best use.