Why is plastic important?

Plastic is integral to society and current disposal methods—sending mountains of plastic waste to landfills, incinerators and irresponsibly discarding plastic waste in the world’s oceans —are not sustainable. Instead, we must look at the value of plastic beyond its first use and look to circular solutions.  


Plastic waste by the numbers 

Plastic has brought enormous benefits to every sector and particularly food packaging, health, and beauty. Plastic is not the problem. The issue is that the life cycle of plastic is not looked at and as a result, plastic recycling rates are consistently poor. Of the 78 megatons* of plastic produced annually:

  • 10% is recycled properly
  • 40% is sent to landfills
  • 32% ends up in oceans or leaks into the surrounding environment

Source: Alliance to End Plastic Waste


Delivering sustainable packaging solutions

New technologies utilized by Circulus are making it possible to continuously recycle plastics for their highest and best use. Circulus’ facilities are designed to reduce the company’s carbon footprint with an infrastructure built to meet the domestic demand for high-quality PCR.