Driving the circular economy

Circulus utilizes cutting-edge technologies to transform olefin plastics into resins suitable for a variety of commercial and industrial applications. We are the emerging leader in the domestic circular economy. Our advanced approach ensures post-consumer plastics are recycled and converted into resins for their highest and best use - keeping them out of landfills, incinerators, and the world’s oceans. Circulus is contributing to the circular economy by recycling plastics and eliminating waste.

Upcycling and the Circular Economy

Transforming plastic scrap into resin for the domestic circular economy

Circulus’ proprietary process utilizes advanced recycling technologies to consistently produce high-quality resins suitable for upcycled applications and higher inclusion rates for the use of recycled content. Our certified post-consumer resin (PCR) provides brand owners, packaging manufacturers, and virgin resin manufactures alike with high-quality resins in large volumes with comparable GHG savings when compared to virgin resins.  Circulus’ resins enable companies to exceed their sustainability goals, while helping generators of plastic waste solve their recycling challenges.

Our Technology

Recycled plastic resin made in America with 100% renewable power

At Circulus, we believe that conducting our operations in a safe and sustainable manner is not only essential to our success, but also to our customers and the communities in which we live and work. Our facilities generate minimal waste and reuse over 85% of the water used in the recycling process. As a company, we are proud to contribute to a sustainable economy by providing green jobs and offering living wages in a workplace where employee safety, health, and welfare are paramount.

Our Mission

Innovating to meet demand by consumers, retailers, resin producers and packaging manufacturers

Circulus’ resins help brand owners meet consumer demand for recycled content in the packaging they create. Approximately 84%* of Americans expect products and packages to be made with recycled content and easy to recycle.