Driving the circular economy

Circulus transforms olefin plastics into resins suitable for a variety of commercial and industrial applications. We are the emerging leader in the domestic circular economy. Our advanced approach ensures post-consumer plastics are recycled and converted into resins of the highest and best use, thereby keeping them out of landfills, incinerators, and the world’s oceans.

The circular economy

Driving the circular economy
with CIRCA™ resins

High-quality, contaminate-free resins recycled at scale

The process of retaining the value of lightweight, flexible LDPE plastics has been difficult until now.

What makes CIRCA™ different from other resins?

  • FDA certification for direct-food-contact packaging applications ensuring highest standards are met
  • World-class mechanical recycling solutions that are cleaner and more efficient than chemical processes
  • Suitable for a broad use of commercial and industrial applications
  • Cost-effective and high-quality product
Explore our recycled plastics

Plastics will emit 3.4% of global greenhouse gas emissions in their lifecycle

Low-density polyethylene (LDPE) plastic is widely used in consumer packaging such as snap-on lids, six pack rings, plastic bags, plastic wraps and even the thin film on juice and milk cartons. More difficult to recycle than rigid and durable high-density polyethylene (HDPE) plastic, the material is also a major sustainability challenge for consumer packaged goods (CPG), waste management, and packaging supply chain companies looking to recycle.



Production capacity at Circulus facilities

For consumers, retailers,
resin producers and
packaging manufacturers

Circulus resins can be used to create a number of important materials and products currently used in several key markets.

Film and sheet

  • Shrink and stretch film
  • Overwraps for water bottles, toilet paper, paper towels

Blow molding

  • Shampoo bottles
  • Cosmetic tubing

Pipe and profiles

  • Plastic parts
  • Lawn edgings
  • Composite decking

Compounding PCR with virgin resin

  • One pellet solution

An experienced team leading the way to a truly circular economy

By utilizing closed-loop recycling, Circulus recycles LDPE plastics into a variety of uses. This keeps plastics out of landfills and the world’s oceans as demand for products containing recycled content continues to rise.